MMA Williams 5.1 system

ProTools™ & DSPQuattro™ editing softwares

SoundDevices™ 702, Apogee™ PSX100, Millenia™HV3c, BeyerDynamic™ 990 PRO

Adam™A7x, Alesis™HD24XR, Apogee™AD16x, Audient™ASP008", 8xP&G mixer by G.Taramasso

Accademia Maghini, Dir. Claudio Chiavazza, recording session

La Compagnia del Madrigale, recording session

Cantica Symphonia, Dir. Giuseppe Maletto, recording session

Luca Guglielmi, recording session

Victoria Musicae, Dir. Josep R. Gil-Tàrrega, 2011

Since 1981 I have been interested in Classical Music Audio Recording. My professional career started in 1997. Since then, I have recorded symphony orchestras, choirs, chamber ensembles and soloists with various instruments, specializing in vocal and instrumental Early Music. I provide both sound recording and art direction. Some of my clients include Decca, Accent, Accord, Arcana, Amadeus, Avi, Bongiovanni, Bottega Discantica, Brilliant, Carus, Columbia, Concerto Classics, CPO, Denon, dotGuitar, Elegia Classics, Glossa, LaMàdeGuido, LaMúsica, Nuove Tendenze, Opus111, ORF, Passacaille, PianoClassics, Phoenix, Stradivarius, Tactus, Thorofon and Zedde. I have shared positive feedback on Italian and foreign magazines and numerous awards (Gran Prix du Disque / Diapason d’Or / Choc Musique / Repertoire 10 / Cecilia Prais / Editor Choice Gramophone, Amadeus – Disco dell’Anno / Premio Fondazione Cini 2000, etc.). Particularly successful was my collaboration with excellent, internationally acclaimed Early Vocal Music Ensembles like Cantica Symphonia, La Venexiana and La Compagnia del Madrigale, as well as my work with renowned soloists, among them the pianist Ramin Bahrami, the guitarist Shin-ichi Fukuda and the harpsichordist/organist Luca Guglielmi. I have held preparatory seminars on Sound Engineering for Classical Music and Audio Recording at the Conservatories of Como, Cuneo, Brescia, Mantova. For the Conservatory of Cuneo, I have also held the Audio Engineering and Recording Techniques Laboratory for two years, within the Undergraduate Experimental School of Music and New Technologies (MNT). In the same conservatory I currently teaches Technologies and Techniques of Audio Recording within the METS (Electronic Music & Sound Engineering) Department. The equipment I work with include Schoeps™, Millenia™, Prism Sound™, Apogee™, Audient™, RME™, SoundDevices™, Beyerdynamic™ and Apple Mac™.

Alessandria TARGA

14 Diapason d’Or
1 Premio Fondazione Cini
2 Grammophone of the Year
2 Diapason d’Or de l’Année
2 Grammophone Editor Choice
1 Record Academy Award 2017 (Japan)
1 Grand Prix du Disque Academie Charles Cros
48° Concorso Internazionale di Chitarra Classica “Michele Pittaluga”, Alessandria
Golden Guitar 2015 for Professional Excellencies: Davide Ficco, sound engineer